Video of Self-reflection-machines (including Wheel of Time Installation) at exhibition Hygienemuseum (Dresden):


Wheel of Time

The Installation consists of two seats from a race car cockpit where two "pilots" can take place. Opposite the cockpit there is a monitor that shows the video-mirror image of the pilots. The whole installation can turn around the middle axis, which is controlled with a fly wheel in the middle of the installation. When turning this carousel, however, the mirror image stays back in time. The faster the participants turn the Wheel of Time, the more they will be able to escape the current moment into the past (the time of the video delay correlates with the turning speed). An estrangement with one own mirror image occurs that is amplified and modulated by the kicks of the joint spinning experience. Through these influences the self-reflection experience is specifically altered, and can lead to variably coloured experiences of identity loss.